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I service AVON customers nationwide by offering home delivery to your doorstep & customer service by toll-free phone service, text, and online to all my AVON customers....
ALL ORDERS are conveniently delivered to your front door!

Let's Talk! Text or call me directly at (661) 547-5484!

 Call my personal toll-free line at (800) 391-4502, ask for Elizabeth "Liza" Maxwell, ISR
Text or Call (661) 547-5484

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Convenience meets old fashioned customer service!... Are you trying to find an AVON rep?

  • Call me on my personal toll-free number (800) 391-4502, ask for Liza! 
  • Or, text/call me direct at (661) 547-5484.

You have just found an AVON rep that can help you keep purchasing AVON products year after year no matter if you move or where you live within the USA! I am here to help you conveniently by phone, text, or email.

No matter where you move to or where you live in the USA, I can keep servicing you with the AVON products you want to buy. I offer my customers old fashioned AVON customer service, with a new technology twist. :) Never go through the difficult task of trying to find an AVON rep, again! You have just found your AVON rep for life!

Need Help Placing Your AVON Order?... 
Call me on my personal toll-free line at (800) 391-4502, ask for Liza or Text/Call me at (661) 547-5484.

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I respect your valuable time. I can still help you find the AVON products you want without the inconvenience. I know you just want to buy AVON products and that is exactly what I can give you! I have been successfully selling Avon online. I sell AVON products, have them delivered directly to your front door, and provide you, my customer, Avon catalogs. I know how difficult it is to find a good local AVON rep. I know what it's like to try all the local phone numbers to find them all disconnected! So many reps show up once and then disappear never to be seen again. I've been successfully selling AVON online nationwide and enjoy helping my customers!

Buy online and start receiving AVON catalogs! Browse my latest current AVON brochure online and place your order today! I send AVON customers AVON brochures to their mailbox. Be my customer. I would love to help you find what you are looking for!

Call me for help and service on my toll-free number (800) 391-4502 or text/call me at (661) 547-5484.

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