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Selling Avon. Work from home.

Easy 5 Minute Online Sign-Up - Simply go to my AVON Sign-Up page and complete your application. AVON will give you TWO KITS TO CHOOSE FROM! The $15 kit gives you all you need to get started and be successful. The next package up gives you a great deal on additional products to try yourself, sell, give as gifts, or use as samples. 

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to go through the entire checkout process. You will receive a confirmation and be able to watch a what to do next video when your application is complete. Please be sure to use the AVON reference code: MAXWELL so that you can get the help you need.
If You Need Help - If you need help completing your application or if you have any questions, please feel free to call me. I can be reached at (800) 391-4502, ask for Liza or text or call me at (661) 547-5484. Start earning that extra need money for your family, quickly!
Dedicated to your success! ~ Elizabeth "Liza" Maxwell

Two MUST WATCH Inspirational Videos About Selling Avon...

The Rich & Famous of AVON #1:  Learn about the success level other AVON USA reps are achieving by selling and building their AVON businesses. Women and AVON men share about the AVON online opportunity and how they were able to transform their lives.

Debbie's Inspiring AVON Story #2:  This is an awe-inspiring video of how anyone can make it selling AVON. Although Debbie lives in the UK (and we are AVON USA reps), the principles are still the same. You CAN be successful selling AVON, too! 

Drop Ship 1000's of Products From AVON's Warehouse to Your Customer's Front Doorstep

Deliver catalogs to your customers and sell from your AVON online website! Earn a profit with each sale. 

No orders to pack & process... No products to deliver... 

As an AVON representative, I get the opportunity to sell makeup, jewelry, clothing, shoes, things for the home, kid's toys, men's products, perfumes, colognes, toiletries, and so much more! 

There is no other company like this that I know of. They allow me to work from home helping others find the product line they are looking for. Let me show you how to become an AVON representative, like I did and be able to sell things from home. No inventory to stock. No products to ship yourself.... and everyone is familiar with your brand!


Let me show you how! Call or text me at (661) 547-5484 or call my personal toll-free number at (800) 391-4502, ask for Liza!