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Things to Sell From Home


Selling from home just got so much easier!
NO monthly website costs!  ~  NO Inventory!  ~  NO shipping!

Sell products people WANT from the convenience of your own home!

Products people LOVE! ~ Affordable products! ~ Qualify products! ~ Low sale prices!

Affordable sales tools ~ Easy start-up ~ Low cost investment ~ No products to warehouse

THOUSANDS of products! ~ Shoes, boots, purses, women's clothing & accessories, jewelry, wedding band sets, sterling silver, watches, slippers, intimate apparel, kitchen items, candles, skin care, cosmetics, nail care, foot care, gadgets, children's gifts, bug repellants, sun screen, shampoo & hair conditioner, moroccan oils & hair styling products...

  • What IF ~  You could sell products people were waiting to buy?
  • What IF ~  Customers told you that they couldn't find someone to buy from, but wanted to?
  • What IF ~  The products were replenish able, daily use items which we all purchase monthly all our lives?
  • What IF ~  You are a man and think you would feel silly selling to women? Just think of all the men CEO's in the cosmetic industry! 
  • What IF ~  You provided discounted prices that your customers LOVED? 
  • What IF ~  You received just a few of the following comments (below) from people wanting to buy from you?

For ANY business to make money, SOMETHING needs to be sold!

Whether it's a service or a product, money has to transact and change hands.

Here are some ACTUAL comments we have received from people wanting to be our customers...

These are just a few of our customer comments. We have so many more!

  • "I love (your products) and I need a representative" ~ Richmond, VA
  • "I would love to order (your products) need a few things. The lady I ordered from she is no longer in this state." ~ Temple Hills, MD
  • "Please send this asap (catalog) please, I love the convenience shopping this way" ~ Topeka, KS 
  • "I would love to start receiving a catalog so I can start purchasing (your products)." ~ Mocksville, NC
  • "I love (your products) so much... me and my husband will love to buy some things from y'all" ~ Hull, GA 
  • "Mentally disabled adult loves flipping through the catalogs. Please send them. Group Home staff will order products as well." ~ MN
  • "I love (your) products!"  ~ Scottsville, KY

THOUSANDS of products to offer your customers including popular cosmetics, perfume, bath & body & more!

..... As well as,... popular famous products such as these:

You guessed it! There is money to be made by both men and women selling popular AVON cosmetics and products.

Call for business details... (800) 391-4502, and ask for Elizabeth Maxwell, ISR. Get Started, TODAY!